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  • What is the R rating of the Ultralight sleeping mat?
    The R rating is 1,8.
  • How do you inflate the Ultralight camping mat?
    With 10-15 breaths or with the Trinordic pump sack.
  • What does the R value mean?
    The R-value tells you the pad’s ability to resist heat loss to the ground. The higher R-values are warmer. Our pad has an R-value of 1,8 so it is best suitable for the warmer season. During the colder season, especially if you are a person who easily gets cold, then you can increase the R-value by adding a cheap roll/foam mat.
  • How thick is the Ultralight mat when inflated?
    It is a about 5cm thick when inflated.
  • Can you inflate/deflate the camping mat and pillow separately?
    There is a valve for main camping mat and another for the pillow. So yes, you can inflate/deflate them separately.
  • Can you clip two sleeping mats together to make a double
    Unfortunately you can not clip together Trinordics Camping mats.
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